Here is what some of our parents have had to say…

‘I could not think of a better way to introduce my children to school. Kind, loving, nurturing people in an academic environment. This made for an easy transition to Kindergarten as they did all the pre-screening right there in the school.”

Thank you for two fantastic years.  You have taken a shy boy of 3 and helped him become an out going young man of 5. In his words, “I learned songs, helping, sharing, caring, being nice to friends, playing with all of my friends, months of the year and how to be careful of fragile shells at school”. He has also formed a strong foundation for all the academics to come.  I appreciated all the times you answered my crazy questions and helped me through the ”mom” part of preschool.

When you leave your child behind, at the tender and sensitive age of four, with virtual strangers – emotions can easily overwhelm – concerns that they will not understand the nuances of your special child. Like every parent we experience these anxieties and fears. However, I must say they were very quickly turned right around. The staff at Bartlett Pre-School clearly takes time to know each child uniquely. They take the time to communicate thoroughly and thoughtfully with the parents. Whether it be concerns, to share developmental steps, special stories or just plain funny renderings of my child’s daily antics.  They have helped to fill in the gaps of my child’s day that I could not be a part of.

Students coming into Kindergarten from the Bartlett Community School are better prepared, more confident  and more ready to move into the next phases of their education.  Students are familiar with the teachers, the classroom as they have visited  many times and the routines of the school.  They feel part of the community and       therefore they acclimate to kindergarten much more quickly and with less stress.  In addition, students requiring special Education services have already been identified and plans can be implemented more readily for these children. JBES Kindergarten Teacher.

It is difficult to put into words our appreciation and admiration.  You have given Sophie and us a fantastic first school experience! She (we) have  grown so much & she so loves school, her teachers, and her friends.  You have created a calm, energizing, safe, loving, learning community.  What a thrill for us when she informed us that you would be her teacher forever, “even in college!”

What each of you has chosen for “work” is to help our families raise our children while we are working, and that is much more than a job!  There are not enough “Thank You’s” for  that… however there are a few…Thank you for a safe and comfortable place where our child could grow, flourish, learn, become more self confident and have fun!  Thank you for the laughter and smiles around our dinner table when Olivia shares her day with us! Through our memories and happy thoughts you will always be part of our lives!

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