Our location within a JBES school classroom provides tremendous advantages to our students, parents and to the JBES teaching staff.

Partnership Benefits

Joe Voci, JBES principal encourages the Preschool to participate actively in the JBES community activities

The Preschool participates in:
* Assemblies, parades, concerts and picture day
* Fire drills to expose the children to safety rules.
* School newsletter and announcements enhancing  communication with parents and JBES staff.
* Use of school cafeteria, and outdoor playing fields, as well as, participation in art, music, P.E., computer, and library .

The Preschool also utilizes the school to enhance curriculum and familiarize children with rules, expectations, and learning environments that each area of the JBES building offers.

Interaction with the larger school community helps preschoolers gain confidence and eases the transition to kindergarten.

Early Intervention Services are provided within our classroom and in therapy rooms at JBES such as occupational therapy, speech and languages services.

Student development needs are met early by a team that will continue to work with students and parents in kindergarten and the early grades. On site services also save time and travel expenses.

The children who will attend kindergarten in the next year participate in the Jump Start program. This develops reading and writing readiness.

Kindergarten students with Bartlett preschool experience perform better in kindergarten than children without. Bartlett Community Preschool in partnership with JBES builds a bridge to future academic success.


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